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Discretionary Grant Information System

Program Data

Some MCHB programs report data in addition to the financial forms and performance measures. These data allow the various programs to assess their effectiveness by analyzing data in such areas as individuals served, Healthy Start and MCH workforce training.

Choose one of the selections below to display data for the specific topic.

  • Healthy Start
    Search for data on characteristics of program participants, risk reduction/prevention services and healthy start major services.

  • Individuals Served
    Search for data on the types of individuals served by MCHB grants.

  • Training
    Search for data on long-term, medium-term and short-term trainees; faculty and staff; technical assistance and collaboration; continuing education, and training products and publications.

  • Technical Assistance/Performance Measure 26 Part A by Program
    View data from performance measure 26 part A by MCHB program.