HAB Web Application Registration

Please read this important registration information prior to filling out this registration form.

The only users that should be registering in this system are providers that need to access the HAB RSR/RDR application and Internal users (HRSA and contractors) that need to access any of the web applications (HAB AETC Application, HAB AQR Application, HAB MAI Application, HAB RSR/RDR Application.)

New Account: Please fill in the following registration form below to create a new HAB web application account to gain access to the system. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*). When you have finished entering your registration data, click on the "Register" button below.

Existing Account: If you already have a user account under a specific application and you would like to use the same username to access another HAB web application on this system, contact the HRSA Contact Center at 1-877-Go4-HRSA (1-877-464-4772) or submit a request for help via HRSA Contact Center contact form.

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